General Rules

Sound effects are related to the vibrations of the material bodies.

Displacement. Density. Pressure.

Wheels are spinning over the asphalt and its cracks. Fins are gliding through waves and their layers. The wind that moves you forward is the same that pushes you backwards. The water mass hits and transforms the rocks in an accidental and yet natural shock. Dust spreads in an imperfect and constant flow through the concrete structures of the cities.

Listen. Feel. Move.

The massive surrounding of a single pushing through the urban surface contrasts with the isolation of a single paddling in the vastness of the sea. The deafening solitude of being inside a wave barrel comes accompanied by a fast and dry blow that wets and finds an exit towards the sun. The hard pounding of the deck on the ground that precedes the jump over a stairway is followed by a silent pause in the air and a strong shock that moves you forward.

What is the relation of sound with surfing and skateboarding?

In it’s 6th edition, Mimpi homages and highlights the importance of sound designing in the audiovisual productions and artistic manifestations of surfing and skateboarding.




a. Period for the submissions: from August 07 to September 22, 2017;

b. It will be accepted just unreleased films or films that were launched after October 1, 2016;

c. Only the films preselected by the jury as finalists will be exhibited at the festival and will continue on the competition.

d. The MIMPI FILM FEST finalists will be announced on October 15th of 2017;

e. The submission of MIMPI FILM FEST does not guarantee the selection or the screening of the film at the festival;

f. More than one film can be submitted per person, but they need to be submitted separately;

g. The submission is free;

h. The MIMPI FILM FEST has the rights to make any change on the 2016 festival schedule.

i. The responsible for the entry authorizes MIMPI FILM FEST to use part (s) of the film for the festival promotion at the digital media and television;

j. To promote the MIMPI FILM FEST and the audiovisual production, the responsible for entry authorizes the festival to show their film ( s) in shows which may happen in other dates and locations, without charging admission;

k. The responsible for the registration authorizes MIMPI FILM FEST to share their film in a security website for exclusive display to the jury;

l. The responsible for the registration is declared fully responsible for screening rights and dissemination of images and audios of their (his) (s) film (s);

m. The films that are not produced in Portuguese or English need to have subtitles in one of those languages;


a. The MIMPI FILM FEST jury is formed by professionals and recognized personalities in the world of surf, skate and audiovisual production;

b. All submitted films, except the " Documentaries ", will be grouped for judgment depending on their length, following the criteria;  
          b.1. Short Film: up to 20 minutes long;  
          b.2. Long Film: more than 20 minutes long;

c. The following awards are valid for both surf and skate films, and will be judged and awarded separately;
          c1. Main Awards:
                    Best Short Local film
                    Best Short Foreign Film
                    Best Long Local Film
                    Best long Foreign Film
                    Best Documentary
          c2. Technical Awards ( maximum of one film per award, regardless of its duration):
                    Best Cinematography
                    Best Soundtrack
                    Best Editing
                    Best Screenplay
          c3. Special Awards (maximum of one film per award, regardless of its duration):
                    Grand Jury Prize*
                    Mimpi Award**
                    * Best movie chosen by the jury from the Main Award Winners, regardless of its duration.
                    ** Most innovative and revolutionary Film of the Festival.


d. The jury has the right not to reward a category if any film does not reach the minimum required quality standard;

e. The jury has the right to create new awards, if they consider it is appropriate;